Since 1996, we have operated a Cuban cigar company throughout Europe and has worked in the field for over 30 years.

We’ve had plenty of time to discover what our customers’ needs are, and meeting those demands is what we aim to do.

We are able to offer the cigars and service required to keep our customers coming back for more thanks to our extensive network of contacts.

Since we are based in Switzerland, we are not subject to any tax or duty, allowing us to pass the savings forward to you.

Picking up a Cuban cigar, lighting it, and taking in the experience are simple enough to do without knowing much more than the fact that you had the good judgment to get it from us. However, like with so many situations, the higher the knowledge and understanding of the pleasure of the activity.

Cigars hold a certain allure, and we wish to help you not only choose good Cuban cigars but also learn more about the product you are purchasing. We want our customers to know things about cigars that they can’t learn from other cigar websites.

We will offer comprehensive details about Cuban cigars and the procedures involved, from seed to ashtray, through our user-friendly website. We hope you will spend some time reading the many sections on our website that discuss Cuban cigars and cigar myths. Our website is always changing, so new content may occasionally be added.

We finally want our Cigars A to Z vocabulary to be the most comprehensive one available.