Small Batch Blending:

All mixtures and blends are based on the original recipes from Compton's of Galashiels, Scotland. 1901 ? -1929, restart date 2000. Hand blended in very small batches. No blend is shipped unless it is ready. If it needs another week, then your order will not be shipped, until the blend is there. So kindly bear with us if you order is not sent immediately.

If you remember John Cotton's, when Dunhill was made by Dunhill, Presbyterian Mixture, etc. you will love these mixtures. They are made the old way and hark back to the glory days when British pipe blends & mixtures meant a quality smoke. We follow the original Compton's tradition of the highest quality base and condiment ingredients and hand blending. There are no artificial flavorings or humectants used. We do all our own steaming, stoving, toasting, etc. Every mixture is hand blended in small batches. (Compton's History)
Warning! These mixtures are all old style British blends. They are fuller with a stronger taste compared to most modern blends.
Delivery - because these are hand blended we are often behind in shipping. We are currently running an average of 4 weeks behind.

Please be advised that there are some countries which we will not ship tobacco to; you can find a list of those countries here.

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Vintage Pipe Tobacco

100 gm Sealed Pouch

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Hand Blended Oriental and English mixtures.

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Three Feathers
$ 34.72 100gms
This is exceedingly smooth and soft smoking. Red Virginia and Carolina ribbon combined with a goodly helping of Turkish and Latakia. This is akin to the lamented Dunhill Whit Spot blend.

Scottish Mixture
$ 34.72
- 100 gms

Scottish Mixture - This is full strength mixture. It is 50% Virginia's and Cavendish Virginia and a high proportion of Turkish with the Latakia providing a background note. The taste is full with a pronounced dark flavor.

SMOKERS COMMENTS: All I know is that I can't stand the current 965 and I didn't mind smoking its Dunhill/Murray predecessors every now and then.....

Whatever they taste like, I do like York Full. I also like Macedonian and #10. I'll add some of those to future orders. You've really got a good thing going there with the Compton blends. They bring back memories of those great English blends from 30 years ago. Maybe false memories, but who cares? We all know that things were always better back then and nostalgia just isn't what it used to be, either.
Best Regards,

Reserve # 21
$ 34.72- 100gms

English blend - 50% Turkish & Orientals with Black Cavendish and a small amount of Lake District Virginia.

Macedonian Mixture
$ 34.72- 100gms

A full blend with dark Virginia's and a very high proportion of Orientals including rare Yenidje and Latakia.

 It has been 20 or so years since I last smoked Balkan Sobranie, but your latest mix brought back many fine memories of that experience. I guess its the Yenidje. Wow. Extraordinary. Almost, but not quite overpowering and a very great pleasure. Vincent
The Macedonian Mixture is outstanding. It will only get better with time.
(Macedonian & Balkan Mix) I'm absolutely stunned, those are really beautiful moments of pleasure !!!
Alex from Geneva.

York Full Mixture
$ 34.72- 100gms

A very full English blend. It took us three years to get this blend right. It is over 45% Latakia with a heavy helping of Orientals with Cavendish and brown Virginia's. This blend is so smooth that we were surprised. A number of our customers tell us they find this very similar to Dunhill 965, (Murray's). We will not comment except to say try it.

"I like York a lot (cool and dark and full; rivals Nightcap and Bill Bailey's) and Cuban Style (sweet and full with high quality cigar leaf; rivals 'em all, McClelland, Pease, even Balkan Sobranie's old VA 10." Stan, New Orleans.
"This is what the old 965 used to be like." Al, Seattle.

Mixture # 10
$ 34.72- 100gms

This is a medium English. It is 35% Latakia with Dubjec, Lemon and Black Virginia and a hint of Black Cavendish. Exceptionally smooth and suitable as an all day smoke. This was supposedly smoked by David Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Britain during The Great War, hence the name.

" I found the blends quite flavorful and a solid heaviness that was was palette satiative....Most pipe smokers smoke lighter blends. Your blends will be a shock to them - but in a good sense". Louis, Zisholz, writing in the The Pipe Collector.

Regimental Mixture
$ 34.72
- 100 gms
Developed for Officers of Alexandra's Princess of Wales Own (Yorkshire Regiment) during The Great War. A full English mixture combining fifty-percent dark Virginia's and the balance Oriental and Latakia. Slow burning with a white ash.
"all I can say is WOW! Outstanding. I have tried #10, Cuban Style, Macedonian and Reserve # 21. The aromas of the #10 & #21 are intoxicating and exotic. It's hard for me to decide whether to smell it or smoke it." Larry F, Texas.

Cuban Style - Cigar Blend
$ 34.72
- 100 gms
A unique English style cigar blend. Steamed Red Virginia, Bright Flake, Black Cavendish, Orientals, rare Greek Dubjec, Cigar leaf, a touch of Perique and added Rome & Juliet cigar filler. Truly exceptional with a high and low notes and smooth consistency throughout.This blend is a little more expensive then most due to the use of Romeo Y Juliet cigar filler.


$ 34.72- 100gms

A true Balkan with the main note being Oriental, a large amount of Latakia with Turkish on a base of Red, Bright & Flake Virginias.

"Your Compton's Balkan Blend knocked me out. This is just what I was looking for. This is much better than McClelland Bombay Extra or GL Pease s Black Point. Moreover, my wife says this Balkan Blend smells the best". Hidehiko, Japan.
Virginia & American mixtures.

Commonweal Mixture

$ 34.72 - 100 gms
A Virginia mixture suitable for any time of the day. Steamed Red Virginia, Red & Golden Virginia are blended together to be extremely cool burning and flavorful. Made to commemorate Sir Walter Raleigh founding the Virginia Colony in 1585.
No blends are shipped unless they are ready. If it needs another 1-3 weeks, then your order will not be shipped, until the blend is there. So kindly bear with us if your order is not sent immediately.
Please note there is no minimum order but we recommend that you buy 3 blends to make the shipping economical. All , 100 gm packs are air-tight sealed high barrier metalized pouch with internal zip-seal lock for use after opening. The packs will stay fresh for 15 years. Please do not ask for 50 gms packs as we no longer supply them.
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Shipping is $ 12.50 on all orders up to 200 gms.
We ship anywhere in the world. To the USA all packages are sent USPS and this avoids all taxes & duties etc.

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