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To keep cigars fresh so they smoke well they must be kept in a properly humidified environment. The correct level is 70- to 72-percent relative humidity and a temperature of around 70°F. The best way to ensure your cigars remain fresh is to keep them in a sealed humidor. This will keep the humidity and temperature constant, avoiding fluctuations in temperature or humidity.

Wooden desktop humidors with humidity regulators are usually more than adequate to keep cigars fresh. They come in a variety of sizes. Holding 50 to 500 cigars. Check the humidors' reservoir weekly, to ensure that the humidor maintains the moisture level. As for temperature, as long as you don't place the humidor next to a radiator, the cigars should be fine as most homes remain between 68°F and 72°F, year round.

Large, standing cabinet humidors, holding up to 1,500 cigars, are now available. They generally include both temperature and humidity controls, and often have enough space to store cigars in their original wooden boxes. For the true connoisseur, these larger cabinet humidors are a must. If you are handy, with some modifications, you can make a closet with the proper humidification and temperature controls--and, ideally, with Spanish cedar shelving-- a walk-in humidor.

A cigar carrying case is a useful; it protects your cigars from breakage while you are out for the day or evening. Choose a cigar case that accommodates your favorite-sized cigar and the quantity you want with you. Sizes are from 1-10 cigars. The telescoping leather ones a useful because they can accommodate different length cigars. You may also want a few different ones; a four- to five-finger cigar holder for attending a dinner party; and a smaller, two-cigar holder for an after-dinner smoke with a friend. The smaller ones also fit more comfortably in an inside suit pocket.

Travel humidors are built to hold anywhere from five to 25 cigars, and they fit easily in a briefcase or luggage. The humidification system normally is only good for a few days before needing recharging. Remember, airplane cabins are an extremely dry environment so you may need to check your travel humidor after any long flights.





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