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Identifying real from counterfeit Cuban cigars.

At Cuban Cigars 4 U, we are proud to offer our clients Guaranteed delivery and Guaranteed authenticity of our genuine Cuban Cigars from the stated manufacturer.
There are two problems with counterfeit cigars;

* First there are counterfeit cigars manufactured in the Caribbean or Central America and packaged to look like Cuban cigars,
*Second are authentic Cuban cigars made with inferior tobacco and packaged to look like quality brands. Often, one of the first indications that a cigar product is not what it claims is the use of the words of "discount" or "specially priced".

The following information is to help you to identify fakes and counterfeits.

  • Your first assurance of authentic quality is to always purchase your Cuban cigars from a company whose cigars originate from Habanos SA & Cuba Tobacco. All cigars sold by Cuban Cigars 4 U come from Havana House Canada the only legally authorized Canadian importer of Cuban cigars to Canada by Habanos SA & Cuba Tobacco.
  • First examine the exterior of the box of cigars you are considering purchasing;
    • All genuine Cuban cigars have a Republica de Cuba seal wrapping from the top to the bottom of the box on the left hand side.

    Stamp to Verify Now you can enter the Personal Barcode information to verify the product. Click here.

    • On the bottom of every box you will find various statements branded into the wood, including Hecho en Cuba and Habanos s.a. If the cigars you are looking at are handmade they will also have Totalmente a mano stamped on the bottom of the box.
    • On authentic Habanos you will find a white Habanos sticker on every box.

  • The bottom of the box will be stamped with the name of the factory and a date code.
  • Authentic boxes will appear brand new and will never show any wear or damage.
  • All authentic cigars will have a small white sticker on the box that states "duty paid" .
  • The last exterior indicator that the product is authentic is the Havana House sticker that is on most of the boxes. (Havana House is the exclusive Canadian importer and distributor of Habanos).
  • If you have examined the exterior of the box and still have some doubts about the authenticity of the cigars, there can be some further indicators on the inside. Begin by examining the overall appearance, everything should look identical;
    • All of the cigars in the box will have matching wrappers. That means the color and texture of each cigar should be uniform.
    • The shape, lengths and ring sizes will be identical and should match perfectly (or as close to perfect as hand made cigars can be).
    • When you look at the cigars all of the rings will be perfectly aligned.
  • Although counterfeits can come in many different sizes and designs here are two different images, the fake one is obvious.
  Over the Internet companies have many different shipping plans. Some will ship your cigars without rings, others offer to send you boxes and rings under separate cover. Some are vague as to with where the cigars come from. Cuban Cigars 4 U promises that you will always receive fresh, first quality genuine Cuban cigars, WE GUARANTEE IT!!

The guarantee means;

  • If a shipment is lost, our customers are always protected;
  • Normal delivery is 7-10 days.
  • We are available toll free by calling 1-888-782-1410. Our office hours are 10:00am to 7:00pm Eastern standard time. We are often open till 9 PM because we like what we do.


  • We guarantee that the Cuban cigars you receive from us will be 100% authentic.

    Cuban Warranty Seal
    by John Chunko Cigarnexus.com

    Boxes of Cuban cigars are now being shipped with a new, updated Warranty Seal.

    In a move aimed at making it much more difficult for counterfeiters to package and sell fake Cuban cigars, Habanos S.A., the company which is responsible for the export of Cuban cigars, has modified the look (both visible and invisible) of the familiar green and white "Cuban Government Warranty Seal of 1912" which adorns all legitimate boxes of Havana cigars.
    Historically, the Warranty Seal has been one of the most visible methods of determining whether Cuban cigars are the real deal... or not. Unfortunately, with the advent of high resolution scanning technology, knocking off fake Warranty Seals has been a real snap. Just scan a Warranty Seal, take it down to your local Fast print and bingo!... you've got a stack of perfect looking Seals. As a result, the venerable Warranty Seal has been nothing more than a box ornament, and certainly not a guarantee that the cigars were genuine, as was originally intended.

    Worldwide retailers and consumers alike have been insisting Habanos take steps to stem the increasing blight of counterfeit Cuban cigars. The management of Habanos knows bogus cigars cut into their profits, not to mention alienating smokers who quickly become disillusioned with expensive Cuban cigars that taste unremarkable and don't live up to their lofty expectations.

    The new Cuban Government Warranty Seal may change all that. Here's what I found after spending three hours with a magnifying glass and jeweler's loop under the glare of a halogen lamp and the wispy glow of my trusty blacklight (which, BTW, hadn't seen action since I took the aluminum foil off my walls back in 1971 and cut my shoulder length hair)...

    Color and Crispness

    Under normal lighting, the first thing I noticed about the new Warranty Seal is that it's printed much more clearly, and the green ink used is several shades darker than the previous version's. I'd call the new green color a "currency green" as opposed to the old yellowish-green. The Seal's new green color is very much like the color green printed on the back side of US currency.




    The clean and crisp printing is a big change too. Although the Seal is printed offset, the stark sharpness of its reproduction gives the distinct impression it was printed the same way stock certificates and currency are... by intaglio press. I wanted to run my finger across it, to feel the raised ink... that's how good they look.

    Although the general design and look of the Warranty Seal has not been significantly modified, the overall artwork has been improved dramatically... using much finer lines and darker solids. It appears carefully engraved, just like currency.

    The Cuban Government Warranty Seal looks important and official once again. The last time I got this impression was back in the 50s and 60s when the Warranty Seals were still perforated like big stamps, and produced by Cia Impresora de Cuba S.A., a renown engraver and printer of fine, high quality documents. That look has returned... it actually helps class up the box.

    Design Changes

    Even though more than 95% of the Warranty Seal is essentially the same, every square millimeter of the artwork has been re-engraved and/or re-drawn much more finely and professionally, yet without altering the overall traditional look of the Seal.

    The borders, background and central area of the Seal are nearly identical in detail and form, and the Cuban Republic Coat of Arms (or Shield), in the oval on the left side of the Seal, is virtually the same too.

    One piece of art has changed... almost unnoticeable are the revisions to the Tobacco Field Vignette which appears in the oval on the right side of the Seal. That scene -- depicting field workers among rows of tobacco plants, with a shack and palm trees on hills in the background -- remains similar to the previous versions... however, upon close inspection, you will find that it has been completely redrawn. I can clearly count only five individual field workers amongst the tobacco plants, with 12 palm trees on higher ground in the background. FYI, the 1950s version Seals depicted nine field workers; and the most recent (1990s version) also showed nine workers (i.e., when their printing was sharp enough to make them out.)

    OLD Seal - Tobacco Field

    NEW Seal - Tobacco Field

    VERY OLD Seal - Tobacco Field
    circa 1950's version
    Wording Changes

    The wording on the Seal has been changed in three locations. Beginning at the top of the Seal... the previous version's English wording "CUBAN GOVERNMENT'S WARRANTY FOR CIGARS EXPORTED FROM HAVANA" has been changed to now read: "ORIGIN NATIONAL WARRANTY SEAL FOR CIGARS AND CUT TOBACCO."

    The wording on the bottom left side of the certificate was in the French language, and means the same as the English statement on the top of the Seal. That wording has similarly been changed (still in French) to now read: "SCEAU DE GARANTIE D'ORIGINE NATIONALE POUR LES CIGARES ET LE SCAFERLATI."

    Finally, the German wording on the bottom right of the Seal, relating the same notice, has also been modified to now say (in German): "ORIGINAL GARANTIESIEGEL FUER ZIGARREN UND GERISSENE TABAKBLAETTER."

    Micro-Printing Additions

    A new anti-counterfeiting feature has been added to the Seal's design... making it difficult -- hopefully impossible -- to reproduce using modern scanners and color copiers.

    There are two lines of micro-printing on the new Seal. To the unaided eye, they appear as hair thin green lines in the border designs... yet, under a jeweler's loop (14x) these lines are actually made up of letters/words which translate to, "Seal of Guarantee of the Republic of Cuba." Micro-printing is similarly employed on US currency. However, the Seal's micro-printing is not nearly as perfectly formed as that of US currency. Its micro-printing suffers from a less exacting printing process... producing letters which are blurred, blotched and unevenly spaced... yet, for offset printing, it's still quite a nice trick.

    The location of the micro-printing lines are: (1) immediately above the central large words "REPUBLICA DE CUBA" across the center of the Seal, and (2) beginning immediately below the words "SERIE A NO. 1" and extending across the center of the Seal ending under the words "LEY DE JULIO 16/1912" on the opposite side. (See diagram below -- red lines indicate the location of micro-printing.)

    In Spanish, as it appears on the Seal, the micro-printed words which repeat continuously and form both lines are, "SELLO DE GARANTIA REPUBLICA DE CUBA." (Note: Spaces between words are non-existent and/or minimized on the Seal.)

    Serial Number

    Another totally new feature is an eight digit serial number which is printed at the bottom center of the Seal in red ink. The first two digits are letters, such as "AR" and the last six digits are numerals, such as "072164". This red serial number is printed over a white background.

    Havana House's Ugly Seal

    Many national distributors of Cuban cigars have taken even quicker action on their own... Canada's distributor, for example. In 1998, in an effort to frustrate cigar counterfeiters and gray market importers, Havana House, the key importer and distributor of Cuban cigars in Canada, created it's own "seal of authenticity" to be affixed to all boxes of Cuban cigars retailed in Canada. The white, purple and teal seals are plasticized and actually self-destruct if they are removed from the cigar box. In theory, this prevents them from easily being reused or reproduced.

    I think that while they assure authenticity they are really ugly, and do not compliment the cigar box. Fine, handmade Cuban cigars and their boxes are beautiful of themselves. Havana House's stickers do guarantee that you are getting the real thing in Canada even if they are not very pretty. .

    Under UV Light... Secrets Are Revealed

    In a darkened room, under a blacklight (i.e., a UV light source), the Seal reveals two more anti-counterfeiting measures.

    The first measure relates to the serial number... under UV lighting, the numerical part (i.e., the last six digits) of the serial number appears black, while the letters part (i.e., the first two characters) still appear red... a neat trick.

    The second measure appears in the center of the Seal, positioned directly above the serial number. Under UV light, it glows as a faint pinkish watermark. The image density is extremely light, as you would expect with a watermark. However, if you spend enough time squinting at it, you will see it is, in fact, the Cuban Republic Coat of Arms (i.e., the same Shield which is also pictured in the oval on the left side of the Seal and printed in green).

    Bolivar, Cabanas, Cohiba, Cuaba, Diplomatico, Fonseca, H. Upmann, Hoyo De Monterrey, Montecristo, Partagas, Por Larranaga, Rafael Gonzales, El Rey Del Mundo, Romeo Y Julieta, Saint Luis Rey, San Cristobal De La Habana, Trinidad, Vegas Robaina.
    Genuine Cuban Cigars available from CubanCigars4U. We ship all Cuban cigars with bands and in the original wrappers. If by the box then factory sealed. Your guarantee of freshness and authenticity.
    Discrete delivery for the USA. We do not ship cigars in Canada.